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Alphabetical list of all SQUEEZE singles - internationally.

[Annie Get Your Gun]
[Annie Get Your Gun (Live)]
[Another Nail In My Heart]
[Bang Bang]
[Black Coffee In Bed]
[Cool For Cats]
[Christmas Day]
[By Your Side]
[Crying in My Sleep]
[Down In The Valley]
[Everything in the World]
[Electric Trains]
[Europe Tour '80]
[Farfisa Beat]
[Goodbye Girl]
[Heartbreaking World]
[Heaven Knows]
[Hits of the Year]
[I'm At Home Tonight]
[I've Returned]
[If I Didn't Love You]
[If It's Love]
[Is That Love]
[It's Over]
[King George Street]
[Labelled With Love]
[Last Time Forever]
[Love Circles]
[Loving You Tonight]
[Messed Around]
[No Place Like Home]
[Packet of Three]
[Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)]
[Singles 45's and Under]
[Slap & Tickle]
[Some Fantastic Place]
[Sunday Street]
[Take Me, I'm Yours]
[Three From Babylon and On]
[Third Rail]
[This Summer]
[Trust Me To Open My Mouth]
[Up the Junction]
[When the Hangover Strikes]
[The Waiting Game]
[Wrong Way]
[853 5937]

Discography highlights:

Spanish Take Me I'm Yours single

Europe Tour 1980 gold vinyl flexidisc

Spanish Bang Bang single

Amazoon by The Long Honeymoon

Japanese Another Nail In My Heart

Cool For Cats red vinyl

I'm At Home Tonight single

Love Circles 3" CD

Spanish Another Nail In My Heart

USA Black Coffee In Bed

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