Up the Junction

UK issue glossy

UK issue matt

UK issue lilac vinyl

UK promo

UK red label

Australian issue

Holland issue

German issue

German promo issue

Holland issue

Irish issue

Portuguese issue

Like “Cool For Cats”, it spent 11 weeks in the UK charts, reaching number 2 again - Squeeze were always the bridesmaid and never the bride. “Up The Junction” was also released in Belgium (August 1979), Denmark (July 1979) and in New Zealand (but I don't know in which month). “It's So Dirty” was on the b-side - a disappointment that a new track was not there instead - especially with the number of aborted recordings around the time of the “Cool For Cats” LP.

The pictures of Squeeze used for the sleeve were later cut up and pasted onto the design for the sleeve of The Dickies superb single on A&M “Fan Mail” - but with different heads superimposed.

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