The Knack - lyrics

THE KNACK - lyrics by Chris Difford

Standing by the cue-rack
Hat over his eyes
Smoke drifts slowly from him
Looking kind and wise
Seen him in the papers
Murder boy Malone
Heard the bar-man whisper
Something 'bout the phone

Carlos see most cargo
Hands against the wheel
Flowers for Ol' Banyon
Whiskeys up to deal
Slaughter in the warehouse
Bowling alley too
Look behind the jury
Scared to point at you

Round and round the city
Taxis all fall down
Shot at in a Citroen
East-side of the town
Waffle in at Winnies
Tied between the bars
Fifty-fifty chances
Bulletproof-ul cars

Watch out on the corner
Standing by the rack
Little Gringo told her
Shot him in the back
Now I'm shaking
Yes I'm shaking
Now I'm shaking
‘Cos I ain't got the knack

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