Take Me, I'm Yours

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"Take Me, I'm Yours" spent a total of 9 weeks in the UK charts, and eventually reached number 19. Their first Top Of The Pops performance had Jools playing both cigar and keyboards and Chris and Glenn in “Today Deptford, Tomorrow the World” sweatshirts. A later TOTP appearance with dancing camels added a distinctively 1970’s touch. It first hit the UK chart on 8 April 1978. The b-side was “Night Nurse”, a fabulous slice of piano and saxophone boogie with a Jools Holland lead vocal.

“Take Me, I'm Yours” was originally due for release on BTM Records in 1976, in a significantly different version. An advert in Sounds in 1979, had a blue vinyl copy of “Take Me, I'm Yours” for sale, so I'm told, although I've never seen a copy. “Take Me” was also included on the A&M compilation LP “No Wave” which appeared as a pizza picture disc in the USA with "Strong In Reason" as well.

“Take Me, I'm Yours” was also released in Austria (March 1978), Denmark (June 1978), France (March 1978), South Africa (May 1978) and Sweden (March 1978) although copies may well not have been pressed in all these countries. Try to search out the Spanish single if you want a marvellous Squeeze curiosity.

The song has been covered several times, notably by Tim Curry. Also, a “fascinatingly fractured and atmospheric travesty cover version was recorded by The Cage and released on the "Hybrid Kids" LP on Cherry Red. Then there was that heavy metal version by Chrome Molly…


Record Collector: Was "Take Me, I'm Yours" ever released on the BTM label in 1977? 

Glenn Tilbrook: No, that was a different version that we recorded in 1976, one of the four tracks we recorded with a bloke called Fritz Fryer.

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