Skyco 1973
Glenn and Chris at Windsor Free Festival

Glenn and Chris

Glenn and Maxine Barker

Skyco at Windsor 1973

Skyco at Windsor Free Festival 1973

Skyco at Windsor Free Festival 1973

Tomorrow’s Children

A thousand hands were clapping,
Voices were all singing, everybody’s love was turning on.
Everyone was dancing.
The rhythm everlasting, me I was still writing this here song,
Here it comes I feel it in my bones, don’t tell me you arrived here all on your own.
When everybody’s staring,
This man becomes quite daring, the drummer sets the heavy heavy beat.
Shake your little heads now,
If you’re feeling dead now, knock yourself right off your feet.
Where it comes like thunder from the sky, let the spirit of love in your mind.
Jesus always loved us,
Scattered us in stardust, I have waited a whole lifetime for you,
Singing Hara Krishna,
I only want to kiss you, forgetting about the job you have to do,
Here it comes like a rainbow in the clouds, come on up and play your pretty music loud.
Festivals in sunshine,
Colour inside your mind, are you happy like you ought to be?
Kiss your lovers,
Then sisters and brothers, everything I see has got to be free,
Here it comes like flashbacks in the night, tomorrow’s children are going to be all right, black or white.

La, la, la, I am a big rock star,
La, la, la, and it’s breaking my heart.
La, la, la, tomorrow’s children,
La, la, la, are learning to dance,
Here it comes I see it in my eyes,
Tomorrow’s children know it’s no surprise


The lyrics of “Tomorrow’s Children are by Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook of Sky Co.

Glenn and Chris as featured in Tomorrow’s People by Jeremy Sandford with photographs by Ron Reid, published in 1974 by Jerome Publishing Company ISBN 0 904125 05 X.

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