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3 April 2009

Updated homepage to show new Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers download art.

12 August 2007

Thanks to Kimm from Chicago I’ve added lots more setlists, ticket stubs and guest passes to the Tour History for 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 2007. Thanks Kimm!

9 August 2007

Added a photo of Chris and Glenn from the 1973 Windsor Free Festival taken by Vin Miles - thanks Vin - classic! Also added concert ticket stubs from the Squeeze Gigs 2007 thanks to Steve, Ian Siegal and Rick Carroll.

19 July 2007

Added photos from the homecoming performance at the Deptford Albany to the photos section.

Updated the tour history to include a Squeeze Gigs 2007 section - amazing!

15 June 2007

Another exclusive insight into John Bentley’s personal photo albums of his time with Squeeze in 1979 to 1982 - see the photos.

12 June 2007

Well, when John Bentley came to visit, and recorded the first tickler podcast, an exclusive interview about his time in Squeeze, he also brought with him just a few of his photo albums from his time on the road with Squeeze. Here’s his first photo album, with photos from 1979 in the USA and Australia.

I spoil you, don’t I?


3 April 2007

Added Glenn’s new ‘Aussie P’ EP to the Tilbrook discography together with the tour poster to the Glenn Solo page.


9 March 2007

Yes, it’s true - Squeeze reform and tour.


3 March 2007

Added four South African singles to the singles discography, Tempted, 853-5937, Hourglass and Footprints as well as the Portuguese version of Hourglass.

2 March 2007

Thanks to uber-fan Sue Nicholls I’ve added a great photo gallery of shots from 1981 and 1982 to the Photos section. Also added the three-track Essential Squeeze CDR to the promotional discography.

15 November 2006

Thanks to Paul Clayden I’ve updated the 1981 Tour History with new ticket stubs - take a look!

10 November 2006

Added some more ticket stubs and updated Harri Kakoulli’s discography - check it out!

18 August 2006

Thanks to Harry Rogers again I’ve added some incredible 1977 posters to the Tour History - class!

5 August 2006

Just had an incredible week - a call out of the blue from Harry of the legendary Harry’s Bar at the Bricklayers Arms - it was the equivalent of their Cavern Club. Apart from telling me his unique story (more later) he let me see all his memorabilia - so see the memorabilia sections for their early years as well as the tour history for 1977 to 1981.

3 July 2006

Well, thanks to Mitzi Bagpuss and Steve Hallett I’ve added some great photos of Chris playing live to the Chris Solo section. There’s also an update on Glenn’s new (third) solo album together with an exclusive preview thanks to Mark Holden Murphy. Keep the great stuff coming - just contact me!

29 June 2006

I’ve never had such a big gap between updates - I must have been earning a living instead of doing this website! Anyway, I’ve included South East Side Story, Chris’s wonderful new CD and live DVD as part of his discography - get it now!

25 April 2006

Glenn’s kindly allowed me to bring you official press photos from his filing cabinet from the last six years - in the newly rearranged Glenn Tilbrook solo section. I’ve also added some nice new Fluffers photos too.

Thanks to Mark Holden-Murphy I’ve added yet more graphics to the Glenn Tilbrook Tour History for 2006. Thanks to Rick Carroll I’ve added a ticket from a classic 1987 Boston gig to the Squeeze Tour History 1987. Scot Rodas kindly sent in a great poster from Glenn’s 2001 tour. Thanks to Paul Wilson I’ve added ticket stubs to the 1995 and 1996 tour dates. Thanks to Michael Tausney I’ve added a ticket stub to the 2006 Tour History.

The ever reliable Stephen Towler kindly sent in the text to many articles on Squeeze plus album reviews from music magazines. Read them in the greatly expanded Press section

7 March 2006

Added the great new SQUEEZE poll - vote for the best Squeeze album now!

6 March 2006

Thanks to Leigh Shayne, I’ve added a great group photo from Pink to the Photos page. Thanks Leigh!

5 March 2006

Thanks to Gill McGregor I’ve added a load of great ticket stubs to the Glenn Tilbrook Tour pages. Thanks Gill!

23 February 2006

Thanks to Michael Tausney and Terry Hurley I’ve added some tickets from 1980, 1992, 2004 and 2005 to the Tour History.

13 February 2006

Thanks to Sue Fisher I’ve added a whole host of 2005 Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers tickets and setlists to the Tour History section. Thanks to Jonn Savannah (aka Don Snow) I’ve added Jonn’s personal collection of Sweets From A Stranger photographs from 1982, including shots from Ramport Studios while recording the album.

9 February 2006

Added the PAL VHS video promo for Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road to the Glenn Tilbrook - Solo page.

2 February 2006

Added links to the new Harri Kakoulli web site: to the Links page. I’ve just started my Squeeze blog at - take a look!

28 January 2006

Added lots of new adverts for early Squeeze gigs (1975 onwards) to the Tour History. Naturally there’s a link to buy Glenn Tilbrook’s One For The Road DVD! Get it now.

10 December 2005

Added a copy of New Music Magazine from 1978 to the Early Memorabilia section and Harry Kakoulli early 7” singles to the Harry Kakoulli solo section - thanks to Harri. Added another Merry Squeezemas photo.

4 December 2005

Just included the complete 2005 Tour History for Glenn Tilbrook’s tours together with the Australian Domino promotional poster.

2 December 2005

Glenn Tilbrook’s been kind enough to offer me access to his personal collection of Squeeze memorabilia. There’re some fascinating never-seen-before items of unique memorabilia I’ll be adding over the next few weeks - starting with Glenn’s personal tour jackets from the Some Fantastic Place and Babylon And On tours, Also just added the promotional video for Untouchable to the Glenn Tilbrook solo section.

28 November 2005

Added a great set of Glenn Tilbrook and The Fluffers live photos to the Glenn Tilbrook solo page taken in New York by David James- including Lucy in ultimate rock chick pose.

24 November 2005

Wishing you all a Merry Squeezemas - thought you might like to see Squeeze Christmas cards and messages from throughout the ages.

19 November 2005

Glenn Tilbrook’s been busy recording again - this time with Lord Large and the Don’t Stick Around Too Long e.p. is out now on 2bit Recordings. It’s a home produced CDR with inkjet printed sleeve and sticky label (2bits indeed!) but the music is of the highest quality. Updated the Links section with Lord Large and 2bitrecordings links.

Harri Kakoulli has also been busy remixing some Squeeze classics - Take Me I’m Yours and Goodbye Girl - with brilliant percussion and a real world music edge. I’ve added it to the Discography.

Thanks to Kay I’ve added lots more tickets, flyers and setlists to the Tour History.

12 November 2005

Well, I’ve made you wait for this update, but I think it’s been worth it.

A completely reorganised Memorabilia section with many more items and better quality reproduction of posters, badges, flyers, promotional photos, t-shirts, scarves, pens, fan club membership cards - everything!

Included Glenn’s rare Lost In Space promotional CD single from the USA, together with a few great photos and flyers in the Glenn Tilbrook - Solo section.

Added many, many more backstage passes and tickets to the Tour History section thanks to Zaena - thanks Zaena!

17 September 2005

Essential information added on Keith Wilkinson’s great White Fence CD in the Solo Music section under Keith Wilkinson.

18 August 2005

Thanks to Steve Bertram I’m adding some essential new information to the Singles Discography. Two very interesting Annie Get Your Gun releases, including a 4 track EP, plus Up the Junction Dutch release. There are also loads more ticket stubs, backstage passes and setlists from the USA from 1981 to 2004 in the Tour History section together with more Memorabilia including Sweets From A Stranger badges, CD longboxes and more...

Thanks to Harri Kakoulli, I’ve also included Glenn Tilbrook’s hand-written notes of the bass parts from the first recording of the Cool For Cats album, including many songs never released.


10 August 2005

Added a section containing Harri Kakoulli’s personal collection of Squeeze Early Memorabilia from 1974 to 1979 to the Memorabilia section, including the earliest known Squeeze setlists, Harri’s personal diary from 1975 with the bass parts to dozens of unreleased Difford & Tilbrook songs and more...

Added an full explanation of the Excess Moderation sleeve design by the designer to the Excess Mod Memorabilia section as well as an image of a rejected sleeve design.

I’ve also added a great photo of the full band live in 1977 to the Packet Of Three Memorabilia. Plus there’s a much better photograph of the 1st Squeeze LP USA Press Kit in the First LP Memorabilia section.

Added the Spanish picture sleeve release of Another Nail In My Heart to the Singles Discography.

I listen to a lot of new music, so I’ve included a section called My New Favourite Band in the Squeeze Links section - check out the latest music I’m listening to.

27 July 2005

Added a great set of photos from the USA tour of 1978 to the Photos section - check them out! Also included a wonderful set of photos from 1993 - Some Fantastic Place era shots.

I’ve also added some nice new shows to trade for in the Trade List including several Fluffers and solo gigs as well as a great soundboard recording of Frank era Difford & Tilbrook.

23 July 2005

Added some photos from Glenn’s charity gig at Up the Creek on 21 July 2005 to the Photos section together with some stunning large Backstage shots from 1977. Also added a tour poster from Play to the Memorabilia. Added Gilson Lavis’ web site to the Links page.

27 April 2005 is One Year Old today!
Happy Birthday!

The Fluffers, Glenn Tilbrook’s band have now all got their own web sites - Stephen Large, Lucy Shaw and Simon Hanson - see Links for details.

Added a new section on Squeeze fan clubs through the ages.
Also a new section of Glenn Tilbrook promotional CDs in the Glenn Tilbrook Solo section. Added some superb photos, and a review of Jools’ last gig with Squeeze in August 1980 at the Albany, Deptford.

Also added some photos from 1981 - the Squeeze gig at Boston’s The Metro in July 1981 together with their signing session at Strawberries earlier in the day - together with reviews, fan comments and more.

Want to hear what the Difford & Tilbrook reunion sounded like at Borders Bookshop on 18 November 2004?

Added a rare Jools Holland and His Millionaires poster. Plus scans and tracklistings for the solo drum CDs by Gilson Lavis.

I’ve added five setlists from the 1993 Some Fantastic Place tour to the 1993 Tour History, together with many more tickets and flyers and posters from Squeeze gigs throughout the decades. And there are the usual additions to the Trade List. Also added a signed photo and backstage pass from the Ridiculous period.

17 April 2005

Some fantastic new photos by Val Baker from 1985 added to the Photos section. Some more shows added to the Trade List. Added the Ridiculous Tour Programme to the Memorabilia section. Added a new Another Nail In My Heart 7” USA promo to the Singles Discography.

Also added the Press Kits for the Difford & Tilbrook LP, Ridiculous and Domino. Plus I found time to photograph another section of my poster collection and add it to the Memorabilia section and the Tour History section.

20 March 2005

Added pre-Squeeze Photos of Chris and Glenn from 26 August 1973 appearing in Windsor as Skyco, together with AJ Fuciles’ 1990 photos of Squeeze from Hampton Beach Casino.

Paul Gunn was Squeeze’s drummer from 1974 to 1976. See what else he did in the Solo Music section.

Also added more flyers and ticket stubs from gigs in the Tour History, with many reviews of solo Glenn Tilbrook gigs by Helen Burns plus music paper adverts for the first two Squeeze LPs to the Memorabilia section as well as a backstage pass to the It’s A Funny Old World Tour in 1980.

Plenty more DVDs and CDs added to the Trade List as well as a new download of the theme music to Jack Dee’s Happy Hour TV programme - the full 2 part version.

9 March 2005

Added Glenn Tilbrook Tour Dates to the Tour History for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 together with ticket stubs and flyers. Added the most pretentious SQUEEZE journalism ever to the Press Articles section. Added a police photograph of Glenn’s Hens for identification purposes.

26 February 2005

New additions to the Photos section including Pathway Studios 1976, Leeds December 1993 and Some Fantastic Place 1993 Tour. I’ve also increased the size and quality of all the photographs - enjoy! Added lots more tickets, backstage passes and flyers to the Tour History.

19 February 2005

Just added Valerie Baker’s superb portfolio of Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti era photographs to the Photos section.

18 February 2005

Had a nice email from Harri Kakoulli detailing what he’s been up to - find out in the Solo Music section. Previously unknown Squeeze gigs in New Zealand added to the 1980 Tour History. Also Glenn’s 2001 Tour History added including tickets and flyers.

10 February 2005

Added another Argy Bargy badge to the Memorabila section as well as a Frank badge. Added lots more tickets and backstage passes to the Tour History section.

1 February 2005

A quick update with some initial details of the Squeeze and Difford & Tilbrook items I have for sale.

28 January 2005

A huge update this week. Added all the Squeeze gigs from 1986 to 1999 to the Tour History as well as ticket stubs, flyers and backstage passes. Added tons more memorabilia to the Memorabilia section. Added another Polish Postcard Picture Disc of Cool For Cats to the Discography. Added an Old Gold re-release of Cool For Cats to the discography. Added a flyer for the Squeeze gig at Dingwalls in August 1977.

I’ve just bought a complete Squeeze collection containing every UK 7” single, UK 7” promo, 12” single, LP, USA single, USA promo, CD singles, memorabilia, posters, badges... and have lots of extras - let me know if you’re looking for something.

13 January 2005

Added the 1978 John Peel session version of The Knack, recorded in May 1978, to the Downloads section. Added details of the Japanese CD / DVD package of Glenn Tilbrook’s Transatlantic Ping Pong to the Solo Music section.

14 December 2004

A new set of superb Glenn Tilbrook CDRs in the Trade List. Added sheet music to 853 5937 to the Sheet Music section of Memorabilia.

3 December 2004

Added the news of Glenn Tilbrook’s forthcoming set of demos CDs, Demos 1974 - 1988 Volumes 1 to 4. Added the Press Kit for Babylon and On to the Memorabilia section. Added covers (both front and back) for many of the CDRs to the Trade List.

28 November 2004

After “A Short Break”, here’s another update: Glenn Tilbrook performing “Bang Bang” live and solo (not just a teaser) in the CDR Trade List section, the unreleased Difford/Tilbrook song “Lovebomb” performed live by Squeeze. Plus another dozen shows...

Glenn and Chris performing “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day” for you in the Downloads section.

Added photos and a review from the Borders Bookshop “Squeeze: Song by Song” book launch. Added a section on press kits sent to promote Squeeze LPs

2 October 2004

A Glenn Tilbrook and The Party live CDR added to the Trade List as well as two Chris Difford live solo CDRs. A new Lyrics section added - featuring those elusive Squeeze lyrics not available elsewhere.

15 September 2004

A new Guestbook added to the site - so please visit and let me know what you think - it will be great to get your feedback.
Chris Difford’s tour, book readings and publication of Song By Song by Chris Difford and Jim Drury added to News.
A new site, features all you wanted to know about 1983’s Squeeze musical at the Albany Empire.

10 September 2004

A new Cool For Cats poster and a Sweets From A Stranger calendar added to the Memorabilia section. Plus yet more CDRs in the Trade List. Added the 853 5937 USA promo to the Discography.

4 September 2004

Some classic new Squeeze photos from 1975 added to the Photos section, including St Albans 1975 (the ninth ever Squeeze gig) and on the beach at Bridgend 1975.

3 September 2004

Added new singles to the discography, including Labelled With Love cut-out label, Cool For Cats Australian black label, Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) Irish issue and Hope Fell Down UK promo.
Also included, new CDRs, including:
Difford & Tilbrook live in 1984 at The Ritz and The Triangle, Birmingham with the unreleased early version of “Hits of the Year”, some Glenn Tilbrook solo shows where he plays “Always On My Mind” and “Suspicious Minds” and Difford & Tilbrook acoustic sets, including them acting in a short theatre piece, entitled “Master Cheese Theater Presents Goodfellas”.. See my Trade List for details.

7 August 2004

Added new CDRs including some great Glenn solo 2CD performances to the Trade List.

22 July 2004

Yet more CDRs added.

17 July 2004

Added the Difford & Tilbrook BBC In Concert Transcription disc to the albums discography. Added the matt picture sleeve copy of Up The Junction to the singles discography. Added the Big Squeeze 2CD and DVD package to Videos / DVDs.

10 July 2004

A photo of John Bentley at home with his robot collection added. Also yet more CDRs.

3 July 2004

Massive increase in the number of high quality CDRs to trade in the trade list. Many new photos added of the UK 1998 Domino Tour.

25 June 2004

Added a selection of DVDs and CDRs to the trade list.

12 June 2004

Started a new download section with wallpapers and mp3 files.
Added thanks to all the contributors.
Added the Irish copy of Annie Get Your Gun and the New Zealand copy of Tempted to the Singles Discography.
Added Sweets From A Stranger Memorabilia section.
Reorganised the menu system to stop it getting too long - Sheet Music and Tour Programmes are now under the Memorabilia section.
Introduced a large selection of Squeeze rarities for trade in the Trade List.

7 June 2004

Full list of Squeeze and Glenn CDRs for Trade added. Also 1984 and 1985 gigs added to the gigography.

28 May 2004

Added links to setlists and photos to the gigography.
Added complete Jools Holland UK discography.
Added new photoseries of the “This Summer” video shoot. Added East Side Story Memorabilia.
Read a fascinating recent interview with Chris Difford where he talks frankly about his bankruptcy.

21 May 2004

Added the tour programme in support of Dr Feelgood in 1978 and from the “Sweets From A Stranger” tour.
Added a section on solo releases from former members of Squeeze.
Added a complete gigography of every Squeeze concert from 1974 to 1982.

12 May 2004

Added a 4th June 1977 article from NME together with a colour photo of Squeeze live from Jubilee day 1977, plus one of Squeeze’s earliest gig reviews from December 1975. Increased resolution of photographs.

3 May 2004

Squeeze in rehearsal in 1975 at Greenwich swimming baths photographed by Lawrence Impey. Click here.

27 April 2004

What’s new? Well, the whole site of course!
If you have anything to add to the archive, please email me.

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