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With a self-referencial b-side of “Suites From Five Strangers”, the experimental side of Squeeze was exposed. With Jools showing he ought to have been a comedian on “Rock ‘N’ Roll (That’s)”, Gilson showing how drummers actually only like drums on “Proxy Rock”, Chris showing why he writes words not music on “The Practising Clarinet”, Glenn showing the usual god-like genius on “Spidey Goes To Tobago” and Keith being Keith on “Who Wants To Be A Legionnaire”.

Released in June 1985, it could almost have been a hit (No! I hear you cry) but wasn’t. Entering the charts on 15th June 1985, it reached number 45 before dropping out after a mere five weeks. However, that was the biggest (only) hit from “Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti”. The next hit wasn’t until “Hourglass” more than two years later.

I’m sure Dutch pressings exist, but I haven’t found one yet.

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