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Jools Holland

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What can I say about Jools Holland? From his “Police in Montserrat” documentary, to The Tube, The Happening, Later - in fact it is now impossible for the BBC to make a music programme without him. A phenomenally successful radio show host, he constantly tours to sell-out audiences with his Big Band. His latest series of Friends CDs have seen him record with some of the most important and famous musicians and singers of our time. In fact he has performed with artists who were famous in every decade of the last century. His concerts are a full evening’s entertainment that I defy you to not tap your toes too. Truly a man who knows how to have a good time with his music.

Jools Holland Solo LPs

Jools Holland and his Millionaires

Rock a Boogie Billy

World Of His Own

The Full Compliment

The A to Z of Piano

Solo Piano

Live Performance

Sex and Jazz and Rock and Roll

Lift the Lid

Sunset Over London

Hop the Wag

The Best of

Small World Big Band

More Friends

Jack o' the Green

Jools Holland Solo Singles

Ultra-rare hand printed poster

Boogie Woogie 78

Bumble Boogie

Crazy Over You

Pineapple Chunk

Black Beauty

Holy Cow

Maiden's Lament

Together Again

Count To Ten

Waiting Game

I'm In A Dancing Mood

What Goes Around

I'm Gone

I'm In The Mood For Love

The ultra-rare hand-printed promotional poster for “Boogie Woogie 78”

Jools live in 1981

Photos of Jools live in 1981

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