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John Bentley is back in Squeeze after 25 years away and will be playing bass on the Quintessential Tour 2007. John recorded with Snips and the Video Kings before joining SQUEEZE as replacement for Harry Kakoulli. He played on the albums Argy Bargy, East Side Story and Sweets From A Stranger.

John played lead guitar on kai Motta’s debut album Picture That, released on Some Bizarre and played with Akasha on the 1st and 2nd albums. He’s played with BJ Cole and backed Garth Brookes as well as playing in Big Jim Sullivan’s band at all the large summer festivals.

He’s currently in his own band The ID, as well as playing in the Duncan McKenzie band with Chris Hunt on drums (Van Morrison, Lonnie Donegan), Gary Granger on guitar (Rod Stewart) as well as Duncan McKenzie. Their new single is One and Lonely.

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John Bentley’s new album, a collection of 60’s inspired instrumentals called The Man Who Never Was will be out shortly and available to buy. Hear sample tracks at:


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