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UK/USA freebie

1000 fans meet Squeeze at Kennedy Airport prior to the start of their USA Tour. The first concert is a sell-out show at Madison Square Gardens.
A & M Records to arrange TV news coverage and media major newspaper to be present at Airport, + WMTV are filming the build up to the garden show. The fans who come to the Airport will receive free: -

A specially recorded song of which there will only ever be 2000 single copies made. This song will only be available to the fans who come to airport ... a true collectors item.

A special T-shirt. Concorde printed on the back etc.

Free membership to the fan club.This package is worth approx. $15.00

We are being very careful that this event does not appear as a cheap publicity stunt as at this stage of the bands career it could do much more harm than good. The idea is to reward the really true Squeeze fans who have made it possible to sell out Madison Square Gardens without the band ever having had a hit record in the USA."

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