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Harri Kakoulli

Harri (real name Harris) Kakoulli had a recording career before SQUEEZE, as he was in the legendary England’s Glory with Peter Perrett, later of The Only Ones. Harry released a surprisingly well rounded album with some excellent songs on Oval records in 1980, together with a few singles.

He then joined True Life Confessions and toured and produced records with an extra-ordinary stage show. Harri has been involved in writing, producing & mixing world music (dance, trance chill & mid tempo) for the last ten years, he also has worked as an artist writing & producing his own material. He’s currently writing a film score.

He has produced & mixed the first two compilations Fuse 1 & Fuse 2 on Nation Records + recorded tracks on the label as an artist, producer & writer + Loca with Natasha Atlas (Nation/Flying Records) & Uzma with Natasha Atlas. He has also worked alongside the great King Sunny Ade, producing & mixing his tracks, plus Talvin Singh & Joi. He also produced & mixed the first four legendary Ukrainian albums, Vorony, The Ukrainians, Pisnilz Yhe Smiths EP, International Ukrainian Group & Istoriya, The best of the Ukrainians.

He spent eight months in Nigeria working with various artists, recording, producing &, mixing, He also collected some unusual sounds for future projects, since then he has been writing, producing & recording his own material with great success.

He has over six hours of finished & mastered unrealised music plus various albums under different bogus names, mainly World Dance / Euphoric / Tribal / Ethnic / Mid Tempo / lounge & chill out. All with a prominent east European & Arabic feel to it.

Harri Kakoulli

Solo recordings:

Lonely Boy

I'm On A Rocket 7"

Even When I'm Not LP

She's Mine 7"

She's Mine 12" single

Baby Don't Like 7"

Lonely Boy 7”

Sugar Daddy

Why Don't You Come Back

Sugar Daddy 7”

Why Don't You Come Back 7”

Harry Kakoulli in the studio recording “Even When I’m Not” in 1980.



Harry Kakoulli, the first member of Squeeze to go solo has written and recorded his first album for Oval, Even When I’m Not (OVLP 505). Having played bass on Squeeze hits “Take Me I’m Yours”, “Cool For Cats” and “Up the Junction”, and with his roots firmly in Deptford, Harry has chosen to record for South London’s pioneer label, Oval Records.
Recorded locally at 8-track Elephant Studios near the Borough, “Even When I’m Not” reveals Harry’s wide taste and varied influences, taking in disco and Lou Reed, reggae and Ian Dury. His vocals reveal a sensitive character presenting himself with bravado and deadpan humour, backed with the danceable rhythms of his bass-playing.
The songs on the album have also been incorporated into a musical EVEN WHEN I’M NOT with a script by Harry, adapted and produced for radio by Barry Everitt, and scheduled for stage presentation in partnership with synth and rhythm player Trix Worrell. Trix recently wrote and produced a well-received play called What About the Kids at the Albany Empire in Deptford where he teaches dance.
The entire team who helped Harry to make the album share his South London base: Garrell Redfearn, who co-produced the record and played many of the synth parts (Harry himself played the rest); engineers Nick Robbins and Nigel Sharpe (who also contributed on drums and guitar, respectively); Kevin Armstrong of Local Heroes SW9, who played guitar on a couple of tracks including the single “I’m On A Rocket” (HARRY 18); and drummers Martin Deegan and Hamish Stewart.
Hear the record, see the cover, keep your mind on the case.

Harry Kakoulli playing bass with True Life Confessions at Waterloo, circa 1982

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INSIDE OUT – HARRI KAKOULLI – an interview - AUGUST 2002
By Tony Dynamou

I met Harri up at Mukta cafe, Nicosia, on the second leg of the CD launch. What a stylish place to set the ambience for a chat. Not that Harri needed it. Relaxing over a cocktail I asked him to take me back, came the explosion of information, “It all started when I was 14 or 15, bunking off school, and Jamming up at Julian’s house, his mum would let us practice in his bedroom”. Julian? “Sorry, Jools Holland”. What! Only one of my ultimate heroes! That was that, sat forward, my ears were pricked, wishing I’d brought my Dictaphone. I let him continue, “It was the days of chromed motorbikes, when Jools had hair down his back, Glen a big Hendrix fan, Paul on Drums, me on Bass. Our lucky break, we were asked to support a band on a Wednesday night at the Marquee. We had to laugh coz we had no equipment. Plugging in to the main bands stuff we played to an audience of about four! It was dead! Fortunately one of the four was linked to Miles Copeland. Next thing you know we were jamming down their studios in Chelsea, our first Album ‘Squeeze’ was launched, Arnold Schwarzenegger helped it along, hitting the top ten, with our first single, followed by six more singles, two platinum’s, three gold’s and awards, an American, Canadian and UK tour, it got to the stage where I couldn’t leave home without loads of girls outside”, and there was I thinking, Bliss! Loads of stories later …

“Anyway all good things must come to an end, or an interruption, as I would like to put it, I left Squeeze to move into dance music?” said Harri, looking uncertain as he said it. He went on to tell me a ninety mile-an-hour synopsis, covering his father’s death, which eventually inspired him to write some of his best stuff. He’s worked with names like, Charlie Gillet who got him into the Dance Scene, even crossing paths eighteen years ago with our very own Nick Power and Mike Hadjimike, followed by a long string of super stars including; Jocelyn Brown, Maxi Priest, Talvin Singh, King Sunny Ade, Joi, Sandra Cross, Gypsy Rose and the massive Ukranians, to mention but a few. This guy has been everywhere, with everyone, from Africa to Ministry of Sound! He said “ it’s a weird concept, but everything has to be right for me to create, I’m very spiritual, you know, candles, incense and all the equipment has to be down low” It’s no wonder he and Paris, hit it off! Now, when you realise that the best part of the CD was created over the net, you’ll start to understand their communication. I suppose you could say, that Harri Kakoulli is to music what Paris is to cuisine. He started the Ethnic World Dance scene some fifteen years ago, a touch ahead of schedule. Pioneer or what? Harri is moving to Cyprus, we should all welcome such a talent back to these shores, it’s our pleasure. And exclusively to What’s On! is the news that they’re gonna do more! I for one can’t wait!

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