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The superb synthesized Caribbean rhythms of Goodbye Girl got lost in the compression on medium-wave radio which helps me explain why it only reached number 63 in the charts and stayed around for only 2 weeks. I bought it - but why didn't anybody else? Okay, not being born yet is a good enough excuse. In the charts on 18th November 1978 and out again 2 weeks later, despite the gimmick of a three dimensional sleeve.

The b-side, "Saints Alive" has exactly the same tune as a song Squeeze included in their 1978 concert tours -"I Don't Like You" although the lyrics are completely different. There are rumours of "Goodbye Girl" in pink vinyl, especially as A&M Records printed the record labels in pink rather than brown, something normally done only to match the colour of vinyl. The idea of coloured vinyl may have been ditched when the 3D sleeve idea was hatched, and the pink saved for the next single - "Cool For Cats". There are many versions of "Goodbye Girl" in circulation, the main ones being the UK single version, the USA single version and the LP version - although there are several live recordings available. His wife may have moved to Guernsey, Jersey or Boston, depending upon which version you believe. Wherever she's gone, muff is not the word.

The single was also released in South Africa (April 1979) and New Zealand (February 1979).

Record Collector: What about the 3D picture sleeve for "Goodbye Girl"? 

Glenn Tilbrook: Yes, that was a good one. That was strictly A&M-generated but we were very keen to do that, it was a great idea.

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