Excess Moderation Memorabilia

Squeeze - Excess Moderation tour flyer

Squeeze - Excess Moderation 24 November 1996 concert poster

Squeeze - Excess Moderation tour programme


Squeeze - Excess Moderation promotional postcard


The designer Grant Loudon says: “This project was an exercise in staying one step behind the band at all times! The first brief was for a title 'Up Hill All The Way', which quickly changed to 'Irony'. For this second title they asked us to produce a series of visual puns based on the word irony, hence the visual at left with the branding iron, and the final chosen image above. For that I stuck a steam iron on the scanner then Photoshopped the holes around to form the letter 'e'. To complete the Squeeze punnery a nice juicy orange became the background. Then just before release they changed the title to 'Excess Moderation' anyway!”


A rejected design for the Excess Moderation CDs.

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