Early Memorabilia - 1975 to 1977

A double-page spread from New Music Magazine “They’ve been working together for several years now and the hub is Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook who between them have an incredible repertoire of material covering most faces of modern pop.”


This is Harri Kakoulli’s personal diary from 1975 - in it he wrote the bass parts for 91 Squeeze songs, including Up the Junction, Take Me I’m Yours and Goodbye Girl. In addition there are dozens of unpublished Difford & Tilbrook songs including Perhaps and Maybe, It’s My Frustration Schooly Schooly Girl and Told You So. There are plenty of cover versions, too, including Private Number, House Of The Rising Sun and Guilty.

A collection of early Squeeze setlists:

The earliest Squeeze setlist




Here’s Harri’s diary for 1975 open showing an example of the songs Squeeze played, including bass parts for So She Knows, Untitled, On the Beach, Goodbye Girl, Touching Me Touching You, Up the Junction, Mac the Knife and Cars and Trucks.


Many thanks to Harri Kakoulli for the memorabilia. Harri has kindly sent me lots more - keep checking back for updates as I scan and load!

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