All's Well - lyrics

ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL – original lyrics – by Chris Difford

Frankie got the notion to sail across the ocean
To find a little lover who had disappeared
Nice girls on the liner meant he didn’t find her
Frankie’s such a devil mixing women with beer

She was juicy like an apple, he took her to a chapel
To have and to hold and to do or to die
The honeymooning couple brought no one no trouble
Romancing in the mist under bright starry skies

Other guys can’t beat him when it comes to girls
As for how they treat him, that’s a different world
You know they cheat him, break his heart as well

Frankie keeps on choosing girls he keeps on losing
He’s been messed around more than you or I
He is foolish with his money, every girl he calls honey
But I’ve never seen him when he cries – if he cries

Frankly I could see no harm
Always in each others arms
All’s well that ends well if it ends at all
All’s well that ends well if it ends at all

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